Tahir H. Schon – Consul General of The Gambia (Hon.)
  The Consulate of The Gambia was established in 1995 in Pakistan and headed by Consul General (Hon.) – Syed Tahir Husain. As Consul General (Hon.), Syed Tahir Husain promotes bilateral relations including economic and trade between Gambia and Pakistan, projecting and protecting Gambia’s interests and providing consular services. He co-founded the Schön Group in 1973, and since then the holding firm has pursued an active policy of expansion, backed by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Born in Karachi - Pakistan, Mr. Husain completed his undergraduate studies at the Stanford University in Singapore and then went on to do his Masters in Computer Science from University of Karachi.
As an accomplished businessman, he has traveled extensively, and has carefully studied the economies of the developed countries. He is now taking keen interest in the study and survey of West African countries, where he sees a lot of potential for Schon Group. Mr. Husain has over seven years of experience in property dealings and real estate. His expertise and knowledge include comprehensive knowledge of employment law and federal regulations to ensure compliance. As founding member and chairman of the company, Mr. Husain is responsible for setting up the organization, and is at the helm of the company’s rise to greater levels of competitiveness and profitability. Under Mr. Husain’s stewardship, Schön Group has experienced tremendous growth with an asset value of AED 225 million along with the distinction of being ranked as one of the top 1000 companies by the World Economic Forum.

In addition to the above, Tahir Husain has great love for humanity and has been very active in helping the under privileged through various charities around the globe.

The Gambia and Pakistan now enjoy coordinating in Military training for which Tahir Husain is an eminent coordinating arm between the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), in Islamabad & Gambia National Army.